If you want to follow a course or workshop at Mikrocentrum, it is possible to finance this with a subsidy or receive a discount. A number of these options at a glance.

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Brabant Leert

To prepare workers and jobseekers for technological and social changes, Brabant Leert helps all Brabanders who want to retrain or upskill. They do this by providing information, a wide range of (online) training and personal advice and guidance. Mikrocentrum offers several free courses in this context!

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Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform

The Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform is a technical network collective of 600 companies where inspiration, connecting and knowledge sharing are key. These three pillars form the DNA of all High Tech Platform activities, as well during the activities exclusively for members as at the Mirkocentrum events and courses. Is your company or will your company become a member? Then you will receive a 10% discount when registering for a course in the open course path.

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Stichting A+O Metalektro

A+O Metalektro Foundation was founded in 1983 by collective labor agreement parties and is one of the first R&D funds in the Netherlands. They share qualitative information with their supporters in several ways: the 1,200 metal and electrical companies. That is why they regularly see innovations and solutions in the field of intake, transfer and business and school. A + O collects these experiences and creative solutions, makes them accessible to the sector and shares what is valuable. We call it: Connecting what works.

On the website of A+O Metalektro you will find more information about fees for training and developing (own) personnel. The options for individual employees as well as for employers are included. Opportunities on this theme for partnerships and sector funds are also mentioned.

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Stichting OOM

Stichting OOM

The contribution to training costs is 50% per person per year up to a maximum of € 750. Companies affiliated with OOM can apply for a contribution for their employees prior to a course, training or education. The courses, training or education that have been laid down by the employer and employee in a personal training plan (PDP) are eligible for reimbursement.

Conditions for the application

  • Your company is within the OOM's CLA scope
  • You have paid your compulsory contribution to OOM
  • All requested supporting documents must be fully completed and signed
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The OSR (Development Incentive Scheme) of Wij Techniek is an allowance for the training costs of employees working in the technical installation sector. This allowance is intended for courses, training and other training activities where the employer bears the training costs. The employer can apply to OTIB for an allowance for this. This allowance can only be applied for via the employer. The maximum reimbursement is € 150 per employee per calendar year. The amount of this allowance is determined annually by Wij Techniek. You can find the current reimbursement on the Wij Techniek website. Your course expenses invoices can only be claimed excluding VAT.

The OSR can be used in two ways. Individual or collective: Individual: this means that each employee is entitled to his or her 'own' allowance. Collective: this means that you can use the total amount for training as is desirable in the company. This does require a BOP (Company Training Plan) and a waiver must be signed for each employee.

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Flanders KMO-porfolio

Through the KMO-portfolio, subsidies are available for training, advice, strategic advice, international business advice, technology exploration and coaching that are purchased from recognized service providers.

The instruction, followed by the employees in the company at a service provider, which is exclusively or mainly aimed at improving the current or future business functioning of the company and which is aimed at the core processes of the company. The training contributes to the strengthening, growth or transformation of the company in Flanders.

The KMO portfolio can subsidize the cost of training followed by the employees of the company. Any training should contribute to improving current or future business operations and relate to the core business processes.
KMO Registration Code Mikrocentrum: DV.O 105511

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DOORZAAM's mission is to stimulate the sustainable employability of temporary workers. Stimulating and promoting sustainable employability involves career, learning, development, health and finances.

DOORZAAM does this by using an integrated approach. To stimulate this as much as possible, they conduct pilots and set up projects. The aim is to start on a smaller scale first and to implement successful projects and pilots for the entire industry.

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SLIM-regulation by the Dutch government

Since March 2020, SMEs have been able to apply for grants to set up a business school, get career advice for their employees or to keep their employees' skills up to date. In SMEs, it is less common for employees to learn and develop during their working life. Employers often have less time, money or knowledge for this than in larger companies. The Dutch government is structurally allocating € 48 million per year for this. With the Incentive Scheme for Learning and Development in SMEs (SLIM scheme), the Dutch government wants to make learning and development the most normal thing in the world of SMEs as well.

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