Mikrocentrum: At the heart of hightech

Mikrocentrum is the connecting platform organization for the high-tech and manufacturing industry. Together with our members, customers and partners, we are committed to a strong innovative ecosystem, to talent development and to help finding answers on the major social challenges of today. We are an educator, meeting place, innovation accelerator and program maker. Our believe: together we achieve more than alone.

We have a fascination with technology. And as an independent foundation, we can make the right connection like no other to translate that fascination to all layers of the value chain. We do this by acquiring, sharing and accelerating knowledge throughout the entire value chain of the high-tech and manufacturing industry. Because with knowledge, talent, skills and connections as fuel, we make the world of tomorrow a little better today.

Our core values

Connected everywhere

As a platform, you need an open mind. We don't want to be at the centre, but connected. With the world, people, the industry and the value chain. With the big issues of today, the key technologies of today and the trends of tomorrow. Because only together will you get further.

Always independent

We do not take sides and are 100% autonomous. As a result, we can switch quickly, are pleasantly flexible and always transparent. As a foundation, we thus bring exactly what the high-tech and manufacturing industry needs: an independent cooperation partner.

Tech rules!

Above all, let's not forget why we do what we do: we love tech. On the times we live in and not just getting the most stunning developments done, but being part of them.

Certifications and memberships

Legal structure and Management Team

Mikrocentrum is an independent foundation (Stichting Mikrocentrum Nederland) with a holding company (Mikrocentrum Holding BV) and several operating companies. The daily management of Mikrocentrum is in the hands of the Management Team consisting of: