The optimal automation of a machine, process and factory is therefore the order of the day. Many manufacturing companies are therefore in the middle of the digital transformation that provides new business models and a different way of working. But where do you start? What is the current status and what else is coming your way in the coming years?

Smart Industry

Under the banner of Industry 4.0, or Smart Industry, many initiatives have been launched to shape this. Through the smart use of connectivity, data and artificial intelligence, great strides can be made toward the factory and production environment of the future. To apply this properly, digital knowledge and skills in software, Internet of Things and cyber security are increasingly important. Another important development is the multidisciplinary nature of system development.

Solution to tight labor market

Finally, labor shortages are also increasingly being addressed by automating systems. Think of robots that effortlessly perform heavy, repetitive jobs while ensuring consistent quality in execution. Or vision techniques that help with quality control, and with drive systems and mechatronics solutions you save on lead time and energy costs. With increasing flexibility and simple control, the payback period is short, working with machines becomes safer and employability increases.

Getting started? 

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