This is the Clean Event

An experts view on cleanliness

The cleaning of components is one of the critical steps in modern production processes. Whether it comes to ensuring the required cleanliness for subsequent steps in the process, or guaranteeing the quality and functionality of the component to be cleaned, the cleaning of components is a crucial step in many industries, such as metal working and processing, automotive, medical technology, and aerospace.

What is the definition of ‘clean’?

A component or surface is clean when the number of particles or the degree of molecular contamination no longer affects the system’s functioning.
The overall trend is for the size of the particles interfering with functionality and the maximum number of permissible particles per surface area to decrease, while the impact of molecular contamination continuously increases.

Speakers from industry, science, and research will present new developments, process and cost optimization, and quality control, and will share best-practice applications with you.
Everyone involved in clean design, production, assembly, and packaging of products.

Who will you find at the exhibition?

Suppliers of cleaning services, cleaning systems, and cleaning products for:

  • Wet cleaning processes
  • Thermal cleaning processes
  • Special cleaning processes and applications
  • Mechanical cleaning processes



Participating in Clean 2022 gives you the opportunity to bring your innovations, expertise and brand to the attention of a specific target group: specialists from the entire chain within High Tech, aviation, automotive and medical technology.

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Locatie en contact

NH Conference Centre Koningshof
Locht 119
5504 RM  Veldhoven (NL)


Karin Mous
Karin Mous
Manager Evenementen
+31 (0)40 296 99 22
+31 (0)6 52 87 52 93

Don't miss the Clean Event!

If you are looking for more knowledge, new products, and innovative processes for the cleaning of industrial components and surfaces, don’t miss CLEAN 2022!

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